DJI Terra Update: Version 3.6.6

Am 05.01.2023 wurde die neue DJI Terra Version 3.6.6 released. Die neue Version enthält zahlreiche Neuerungen, Updates und Bug Fixes.

What’s New:

  • Adds support to clear tree crown results in Agricultural Application

What’s Updated

  • Optimized the selection logic for file folders in Camera Info
  • Optimized the transition smoothness of single band for the multispectral reconstruction output
  • Optimized the rules to support generating prescription maps for non-field semantic areas
  • Optimized the extended flight route at turning points in Agricultural Application
  • Optimized the stability for 2D, 3D, and LiDAR point cloud reconstruction

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed reconstruction errors caused by inaccurate memory estimation for 2D and 3D reconstruction
  • Fixed issue where flight route will cross field boundaries when planning hollow fields in Fruit Tree or Tree Crown mode
  • Fixed issue where „Reconstruction error (1005)“ or „Reconstruction error (6001)“ will display if users enable Light Uniformity in 2D reconstruction and then perform 3D reconstruction
  • Fixed issue where data is not fully displayed when defining data column if users import less than 5 check points in Accuracy Check
  • Fixed occasional issue where a notification window keeps popping up to remind users to renew license even if “Do not show again“ has already been selected in v3.4.4
  • Fixed issue where checkpoint function is unavailable when Optimize Point Cloud Accuracy is enabled and reconstruction output is cleared in LiDAR point cloud reconstruction missions
  • Fixed issue where default coordinate system is incorrectly set when using data from multiple base stations in LiDAR point cloud reconstruction missions
  • Fixed issue where map search function is abnormal when map source is set to Google Maps


  • Reconstruction results generated using the Seven-Parameter Transformation function and coordinate systems of newly supported countries on Terra v3.5.0, v3.6.0 and v3.6.6 cannot be properly displayed and the Annotation and Measurement function is unavailable on v3.4.4 or earlier versions
  • DJI Terra updates reconstruction algorithm from v3.4. If your Terra version is earlier than v3.4, upgrade the driver of the NVIDIA graphics card of the computer to 452.39 or later in time to ensure the reconstruction function works properly. Refer to „DJI Terra NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver Review and Upgrade Guide“ for instructions
  • If corrupted file is prompted or no response when installing v3.6.6 software, right-click the downloaded installation package and select Properties. Under the General tab, you will see message „This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer“ at the bottom of the window. Select Unblock and then click Apply > OK.
  • For v3.6.0 and later versions, distortion corrected images will not copy to aerotriangulation output directory when generating XML files after aerotriangulation computation. (XXXX\AT\ undistort)

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