DJI Terra Update: Version 3.7

Am 25.05.2023 wurde die Version 3.7 von DJI Terra veröffentlicht. Im neuen Release wurde hilfreiche Funktionen eingeführt wie zum Beispiel die automatische Markererkennung oder die Vereinfachung der texturierten Vermaschung. Das darauf folgende Update vom 15.06.2023 (3.7.3) enthält hauptsächlich Fixes.

Version Number: 3.7.0 – Update Details

What’s New?

  • DJI Terra Quality Report for Aerotriangulation, 2D Reconstruction, and 3D Reconstruction
    releases a new version and supports outputting parameters such as Projections, GCP
    Reprojection Error RMS, and Forward Intersection Error. The Quality Report can be directly
    exported in PDF format.
  • Adds the Auto Align Blocks function for 3D Reconstruction to solve the problem that the
    block boundaries cannot be aligned when splicing models.
  • Ÿ Adds the Auto Identify Mark function in GCP Management. DJI Terra will automatically
    identify marks of other photos based on the first mark users manually add and display
    warning icon on photos with large reprojection error.
  • Supports browsing and setting Ground Point Type for LAS and PNTS output in LiDAR Point
    Cloud Reconstruction missions.
  • Supports the reducing model function to reduce model with high resolution to 50% by default.
    This function does not apply to model with medium or low resolution. Enabling this feature
    will reduce model triangles to a set proportion. Reconstruction output will be reduced to
    facilitate browsing model online, editing model, and other downstream operations.
  • Supports generating camera POS residuals in the Report folder under the project file. The
    default name of the file is „POS_residual_of_camera.csv“.
  • Supports Korean height system KNGeoid18.
  • Supports Italian.

What’s Updated?

  • Optimized stability and increased response speed for cluster reconstruction in scenarios such as big data reconstruction, worker device management, and reconstruction queue adjustment.
  • Updated Urban to Mapping scenarios in Visible Light Reconstruction.
  • Optimized the support for NVIDIA graphics card of GeForce RTX 40 series.
  • Optimized aerotriangulation algorithm to increase the proportion of calibrated images.

What’s Fixed?

  • Fixed occasional issue where worker device is disconnected and mission progress gets stuck in Cluster Reconstruction.
  • Fixed the occasional issue where Apply is unavailable after resetting the status of worker device in Cluster Reconstruction.
  • Fixed the occasional issue where the number of worker devices under the same control device is inconsistent in two searches.
  • Fixed the issue where the displayed status of a worker device is inconsistent for different
  • control devices.
  • Fixed the issue where the GSD and scale on the multispectral reconstruction output view is consistent with those in the quality report.
  • Fixed the abnormal display issue on the UI when performing annotation and measurement on Restricted Zone on the map.
  • Fixed the issue where the flight speed of DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise series cannot be set to 15 m/s for Detailed Inspection missions.

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