Realtime-Mapping with DJI Terra

Recently we tested the „real-time 3d pointcloud“ function implemented in DJI Terra in combination with the P4 RTK. DJI completly integrated the P4 RTK into the Terra workflow. You can plan and execute five different mission types: waypoints, 2D-mapping, 3D-mapping with multi-oriented missions, corridor and detailed inspections.

The real-time processing works for 2D & 3D-mapping. The imagery is transferred during flight into DJI Terra and the software starts to build up a pointcloud a few seconds after the mission starts. The imagery is downsampled for this process, therefore the pointcloud resolution is not the best Terra can offer. After the mission is finished the full resolution imagery is autimatically transfered so the full resolution can be renconstrcuted later on.

Definetly a cool feature as you can use it for quality control (coverage) or to quickly asses or evaluate a terrain.

One important feature iam missing in Terra is the „terrain awareness“ functionality which is available in the DJI GS RTK App. It allows you to import DEM’s for mission planning in order to maintain a certain GSD during flight. Iam sure DJI will deliver an update for that in the future.

Next week we will test the „swarm“ mapping capabilties of the P4RTK. You can segment your missions and distribute them to several (up tp five) P4RTK’s which execute the missions simultanously. A feature we will definetly need the next year for some huge upcoming projects 😉

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