DJI Terra Trainings

We offer individual or group trainings for DJI Terra at your location, online or at our office in Aachen – customized to your needs. The course is designed for beginners or advanced users. Learn with us the complete photogrammetry workflow from flight planning to data acquisition & processing to the final survey-grade product.

In addition to DJI Terra, we introduce you to open source software for processing point clouds, polygon meshes, textures and orthophotos and show you how to further refine your photogrammetry products.

Every participant needs a laptop/workstation and a current DJI Terra license (or demo license). System requirements: Windows 10/11, min. 32GB Ram, min. 200GB hard disk space, NVIDIA graphics card with min. 4GB VRAM. For group trainings in Aachen we can provide up to 3 Workstations for participants if needed.

Day 1:

  • Installation and configuration
  • licenses and updates
  • general settings & menus
  • Flight planning
  • Mission Types
  • DJI Terra GUI
  • DJI Terra Workflow
  • project management in DJI Terra
  • data Import
  • using image data correctly with RTK position accuracy
  • import ground control points (GCP’s) & Management
  • aerotriangulation & optimization in DJI Terra
  • 2D reconstruction workflow and settings in DJI Terra

Day 2:

  • workflow and settings for 3D reconstructions in DJI Terra
  • reconstruction of image data without references (e.g. Sony Alpha)
  • creation of digital height models (DTM and DSM)
  • create and manage annotations and measurements
  • reports in DJI Terra
  • data export/data management – point clouds, textured meshes and orthoprojections
  • external open source software for evaluation and further processing of the generated datasets
  • integration of 3D models & point clouds in UnrealEngine / CesiumIon / Potree / ArcGIS Pro
  • optional: joint acquisition of data (UAV) for training purposes
  • optional: laser scan data import and reconstruction (DJI L1)
  • optional: analyze multispectral data (P4 MS, Mavic 3MS)
  • optional: Real-time photogrammetry in DJI Terra (P4 RTK)

For further information on the training course, content and prices, please contact us at We will be happy to provide you an offer.